Beer List


Singha (Thailand) the oldest and most popular Thai beer 5.0% £4.40

Estrella Damm (Barcelona, Spain) a hoppy dry continental lager 4.6% £4.40

Rothaus Pils (Germany) golden pilsner with a crisp, clean taste 5.1% £4.30

Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic) a perfect balance of bitter and sweet 4.4% £4.40

Grolsch Gold (Holland) traditional light lager with a big hoppy aroma 4.1% £4.10

Asahi (Japan) super “Dry” and refreshing straight from Tokyo. 5.0% £4.50

Guinness (Ireland) “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait” 4.1% £4.20

Rothaus Hefe Weizen a rich, cloudy, dark wheat beer 5.4% £4.70

Blue Moon (America) fruity wheat beer served with a slice of orange 5.4% £4.70

Brahma (Brazil) a light lager, drink to the samba beat 4.2% £4.30

Aspall’s (England) traditional Suffolk cyder, crisp and dry 5.5% £4.00

Real Ales

Here at the Lighthouse our ales are always seasonal and locally sourced.
Throughout the summer period we will always have three real ales on tap that will change weekly.
Please ask at the bar for a taste.


Sol (Mexico) what better bottled beer for a sunny Summer’s day? 4.5% £3.90

Cruzcampo (Spain) the pride of Andalucia, and deservedly so 4.8% £3.90

Quilmes (Argentina) been to South America? You’ll recognise this taste 4.9% £3.90

Veltins Pilsner (Germany) delicate, dry and clean with a fine body 4.8% £4.20

Brooklyn (New York, USA) New York’s hometown beer 5.1% £4.20

Honkers Goose Island Ale(Chicago, USA) a British style brown 4.3% £4.20

Odell 90 Shilling (Colorado, USA) smooth, full bodied amber ale 5.3% \ £4.90

Little Creatures (Australia) an interesting pale ale with a great hoppy finish 5.2% £4.60

Leffe Blonde (Belgium) smooth and fruity abbey beer with a spicy aftertaste 6.6% £4.20

Chimay Blue (Belgium) a dark Trappist beer with a powerful aroma 9.0% £4.90

Kwak (Belgium) an amber, smoky, honeyish beer 8.4% £4.90

Rochefort 6 (Belgium) an intense Trappist beer with caramel fruit flavours 7.5% £4.90

La Chouffe (Belgium) this friendly gnome delivers a delicious but hefty punch 8.0% £4.90

Viven (Belgium) an intriguing Belgian ale – rich, fresh and fruits 5.0% £4.40

St. Stefanus (Belgium) matures in the bottle for a fuller taste 7.0% £4.60

Innis & Gunn (Scotland) aged in a rum cask for a sweet caramel flavour 7.4% £4.80

Crabbie’s (England) alcoholic ginger beer. Sweet and refreshing 4.0% £4.80

Schremser Roggen Bio Beer (Austria) a top-fermented traditional beer 5.2% £4.20

Pacifico (Mexico) a sunny pilsner type beer, dates back to the start of 1900’s 4.5% £4.00

Beerlao (Laos) time magazine has called it Asia’s best local beer 5.0% £4.00

Dixie (New Orleans USA) slowly brewed makes for speedy drinking 4.5% £4.50

Bitburger Drive (Germany) all the taste of a beer, with no pesky alcohol 0.0% £2.50

Bulmers (Ireland) vat matured for a pure, crisp, refreshing flavour 4.5% £4.50

Westons Wyld Wood Organic (England) proper cider, tastes appley 6.5% £4.60

Westons Wyld Wood Organic Pear (England) different, but the same 6.0% £4.60

Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime (Sweden) perfect with a wedge of lime 4.0% £4.60

Rekorderlig Wild Berries (Sweden) nose of fresh, juicy, wild country berries 4.0% £4.60

Original Sin (New York, USA) refreshing without being too sweet 5.5% £4.40